Hitting The Whites

No, that's not hate speech. It's a bunch of mountains. In New Hampshire. Steep mountains. Rocky mountains. But not the Rockies. That's the other side of the country. These are in the Northeast. Up near Maine. You know, that place where I will soon be finishing my 2200 mile hiking journey called the Appalachian Trail. I only have 320ish miles left.

Another name you might hear is "The Presidentials". These are some fantastic alpine mountains within the Whites including some big names such as Langdon, Stanton, and Parker. Well, ok, so those aren't the most well known. Do you know how to use a search engine? Ok, fine, Mt Washington. How's that for notable? Mt Adams? Mt Jefferson? Mt Eisenhower? I'm name dropping like a boss over here. Yeah, the Appalachian Trail may just happen to zigzag through most of those, sometimes summiting and other times just skirting the peaks. Either way, that's a lot of boulders and rocks to climb over.

Mt Washington in particular is known for having the highest recorded wind speed on the planet. There has been a lot of science done at the observatory on the summit into things like the icing that occurs on the wings of airplanes. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me. Heh. Puns.

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