The Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike Experience

as told by a wanderer

I have successfully completed my 2019 NoBo thru-hike of the AT!!!

Current Status - 03Sep2019

Mile Marker: 2192
Day: 172
State: ME
Town/Shelter/Campsite Name: Baxter peak on Katahdin
Doing: celebrating
Most miles in one day: 27.9


  • 100 miles in one week: Done
  • See a bear on the AT: Done x7
  • See a porcupine on the AT: Incomplete :(
  • See a beaver on the AT: Done
  • See a moose on the AT: Done
  • 20 miles in one day: Done
  • 22 miles in one day (1% of the entire AT): Done
  • 26.2 miles in one day (a full marathon distance): Done
  • Four State Challenge (VA, WV, MD, PA): Skipping
  • Half-gallon Challenge (eat half a gallon of ice cream in under an hour): Done
  • Summit Katahdin to complete 2019 NoBo thru-hike: Done

If you'd like to hike with me, please contact me so we can discuss plans.

Contact Me

Text messages will be quickest since they just take a tiny blip of signal for me to get. Facebook messages or email are both good options as well but I'll likely only see these when I get into a town and have wifi. My AT email address is my trail name at my domain name.

All photographs on this site are copyrighted by Joe Stuart, 2019