And Away We Go

Staying in the basement of a church tonight. It's cleaner than most hostels but we do have to spread our pads and sleep on the floor. I'm not complaining; they have a foosball table down here.

So I managed to finish the half-gallon challenge. There's a little general store at mile 1104 (just past the halfway mark on the AT) which will gladly serve you a half gallon of ice cream if you pay them. It's a silly challenge but also fun.

I'm getting really good at killing bugs. They should call me the John Wick of bug slaying. I've killed 8 flies while writing this. Yesterday I killed 4 mosquitos between setting my bag down and getting the mosquito head net out. And yet still the black tide rolls on unchecked. I am but one man against an army.

The miles I have left are now less than the miles I've already done. I've completed 6 of the 14 states and am steadily working my way through a seventh. The next few should be fairly quick but New Hampshire and Maine are both still challenging due to the White mountains and the rocky terrain. Today is my three month anniversary of starting the AT and it should be less than that again for me to reach Katahdin.

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